I am selfish.

I am rude.

I am unkind.

I am arrogant.

I am insecure.

I am unfriendly.

I am not a good friend.

I am unfaithful.

I see no goodness.

I am blind.

I am not special.

I have false thoughts.

I am close to being anorexic.

I (think) I’m fat.

I am afraid to make a mistake.

I am (always) not good enough.

I am asleep.

I am never contented.

I am wrapped in my self-pity.

I am hurt. But why should I be?

I am ugly inside and out.

I am a snob.

I am socially awkward.

I don’t deserve friends.

I am stuck inside my walls.

I sulk to much.

I am stupid.

I am unlovable.


I need saving.


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